The gantry of fiber laser cutting machine: Charry

The gantry of fiber laser cutting machine

The gantry of fiber laser cutting machine

Firstly,XTLASER only use aluminum cast and manganese steel gantry.

As for now,in the market, the first level is aluminum cast gantry,and the second level is manganese steel gantry.About the reason of aluminum cast gantry,we have talked on the email of No.26,if you forgot it,check as below.

1.For the cost aspect:

As we talked,Price decide the Quality,thats a correct rule.
In the market,there are three kinds of the gantry,one is tube welding gantry,one is manganese gantry,and one is aluminum gantry.
The tube welded (iron) is the cheapest one,then is manganese gantry,the aluminum gantry is the most expensive.

The material cost is different,Aluminum is more expensive than others,and for the same gantry structure,the quantity of aluminum need more than iron and manganese.

As far as for now,the laser leaders in China also use the Aluminum gantry,thats the top configuration.

2.For the technical aspect:

(1) Welding Tube Gantry, this gantry is too heavy, so it will restrict accelerating speed of machine.
Then Casting Aluminium Gantry is light, and can make accelerating speed higher.

(Like the manganese gantry,there are also some suppliers use it,but according to our 1 years testing,the accelerating speed will influence)

(2) The aluminum gantry has been finished the hot treatment, then its not easy to shape changing,it will keep a better precision after using several years of the machine.

(3)No rust, high hardness,wear resistance,thats the material characteristic.

Thats also why most of the airplane and train use the Aluminum parts.

So as the second level,what is the advantages of the manganese steel gantry?

Manganese Steel Gantry not only has as light weight as Casting Aluminium Gantry,but also has better flexibility and rigidity.Also Our Manganese Steel Gantry is processed by Hot Treatment.

But the question is that,the manganese steel gantry with a complicate processing steps,if our suppliers technology is not stable,then the manganese steel gantry will have shape changing after use two or three years,so we have a serious checking on this kind of gantry.
The total producing time is longer,for example,if our supplier produce 5 gantry to our factory,but maybe after our checking,there only 1 gantry is okay,then the whole machine producing time will be delay.

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