fiber laser cutting machine gas cost for stainless steel-Jill

fiber laser cutting machine gas cost for stainless steel

Many customers concern on the cutting machine gases cost.In this article,we want to write the stainless steel ss cutting situation for the cutting machine gas cost.


There are two kinds of cutting gases suitable:Nitrogen or  compressed air


1.If use Nitrogen to cut the ss,the cutting outcome is the best.

Generally,Liquid Nitrogen price is lower than Notrogen,so we suggest customers using the liquid Nitrogen.
One bottle of Standard Liquid Nitrogen is 120Kg, 50usd/bottle in China.
Cut  ss,one bottle can be used for 12-16 hours.

So the gas cost is 50 usd/16hours=3 usd/hour

This is the cutting machine gas cost when using nitrogen

For ss cutting,the gas pressure is not related to the cutting thickness.Here is the reason:

0.5-0.8mm  stainless steel       40L/30minutes
1mm stainless steel                 40L/30minutes
2mm stainless steel                 40L/30minutes

Generally speaking, the thicker metal sheet, the higher Nitrogen pressure it needs.
For example, if cut 1mm ss, use 10kg Nitrogen. If cut 4mm ss, need 20kg Nitrogen.
But in order to keep high cutting speed for thin metal sheet , such as 1mm.
So we suggest client to adjust same pressure, all of them are 20kg, in this way, it can not only make sure of high speed of cutting thin metal sheet, also it can make sure of cutting thick metal sheet. 


2.For lower than 2mm thickness, using compressed air for cutting is also ok.

But compared with Nitrogen,the cutting outcome would not be fine.The cutting surface maybe with a little yellow color.
If u do not focus more on the cutting outcome,we suggest the compressed air.
If using compressed air,u need to purchase one Air compressor ,dryer,and Air Receiver  in local.
Thus,u can only consider the power cost.
Here share the devices photos we use in our factory.

cutting machine gas cost
cutting machine gas cost

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