German brand laser and –IPG and scanlab—laser marking machine-Jill

Main parts of marking machine

Fiber laser machine has 4 main parts, laser source, galvo head, F-theta lens, control card (software), and computer.

  1. Laser source brand: German IPG, China Raycus, and other not famous brand.
  2. Galvo head brand: German Scanlab, China Sunny, and other brand.
  3. F-theta lens: wavelength brand from Singapore, and other brand.
  4. Control card: Beijing JCZ control card and EZCAD software.
  5. Computer: desktop type and laptop.

Laser source and galvo head are the most important parts.Most of our clients like to choose Raycus laser source, Century Sunny scanner, as they already can perfect do their job, its price is more competitive.

Laser source(IPG and Raycus)

If you buy laser machine, there two brand of laser source , which are more popular in market.

IPG is Germany brand, very famous fiber laser source in market, and it’s original imported, so price is a little higher than Raycus. Raycus brand made in China, quality also stability.

We think Raycus is more cost-effective than IPG brand.But some customers very like and trust “Germany Brand”, so IPG is optional.

The only obvious advantage of IPG is it is more durable than Raycus. For example, if using frequency is same, IPG can be durable for more than 8 years, Raycus can be 7 years.

 Galvo scanner head (for Chinese origin and imported)

China famous brand: Beijing Sunny brand.Imported famous brand: Germany Scanlab.

For SCANLAB scanner, we do not suggest to choose it, because copy version SCANLAB is very common in China Laser Market.

Realy SCANLAB will be better than Century Sunny, but there is no doubt that Century Sunny will be much more better than those Copied SCANLAB.According to our experience and clients feedback, Century Sunny is surely trustworthy.Real version Original SCANLAB is very expensive, cost is about USD 6200(Original Imported) and USD 4000 (Imported Mirrors, Assembled in China) . If any price cheaper than this, we can be sure it is copied ones. Pls pay attention.

China Sunny brand Galvo scanner head is much better than copy Scanlab. Besides, Sunny brand Galvo head warranty is 2 years while real version Scanlab is 1 year. So Sunny brand is more cost-effective than Scanlab.


Hope it can be helpful to you.

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