Gold Silver Jewelry fiber laser cutting:Charry

Gold Silver Jewelry fiber laser cutting

Gold Silver Jewelry fiber laser cutting

I just got one USA customers inquiry on our silver gold jewelry cutting machine.

They want to cut 1.5mm gold,silver,then 50w laser power is enough for them.

So i share some details with them.

Most USA customers choose this mini model,cause the smaller size,is easy to ship and move.

Sharing our machine working videos with you:

After cutting,usually need the polishing,so you do not need worry about the burned color.

One of our Serbia customer just got his machine,he is also in the filed of jewelry.
Following with his shop,he also choose the mini model:


And in jewelry field,as you said,you also need to mark rings,inside or outside,following with the rotary device:

Videos as below:

Inside rings marking
Outside rings marking

For USA customer,we made the machine voltage into 110V,so you do not worry about the voltage.
And we have FDA certification,when you import the machine,that will be easy for you.

Pls pay attention on the real machine:

1.For the whole machine,the most important is the laser source.

We use the Raycus laser source,its the best brand in China,and we had a longer cooperation with them,from they start the laser source in China,we build the partner relation with them.So i guess we can get a better price than other suppliers.

So if possibe,you can ask about how much of one 50w laser source? Its almost USD 8000.So i am confused the other suppliers price.Why they can have a such lower price?And although they can sell,they must have profit,so you can imagine what machine parts they will sue,and what real machine parts you can get.
Some of our customers had a such bad purchasing experience in China.If you want to know,i can share the customers feedback with you.

2.And as a buyer,when we buy iPhone,its the same as you,there also with different price levels,but we also know which is worth for it.

If you keep finding,you can find a lower price than USD8200 in China,thats the market,always with a such suppliers,we shame on them.

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