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New application of fiber laser marking machine

 High quality fiber laser marking machine:With the precision and development of laser machine,the laser marking machine demand is expanding .

In recent years, laser marking  have many new methods and new uses.

New applications in four areas by high quality fiber laser marking machine

1.First, the shallow marks.

The shallow  mark is a mark on the appearance of the material.Because marking too deep can result in  surface damage. Depth marking  is necessary to control the size of a few microns. Therefore, we usually use marking  instead of engraving machines.

2.Second, the deep  mark.

On the contrary ,deep  mark refers to the depth  in the form of stamps.We mainly use it for metal data processing. Generally we use it  to melt the surface of the material.And we also can repeatedly scan the same part of the deep groove. This laser method can replace the traditional etching process.

3.The third  is the black (oxidized) mark.

A black mark is a symbol that oxidizes the appearance of data to black. Marking of metal and mechanical parts commonly used in steel. The black mark is also suitable for visual recognition of data marks. Such as iron , stainless steel and silicon.


4.Fourth, the melt mark.

The melt mark can be marked on the surface of the molten material. For example, in the production of dust-free silicon wafers.Only the surface of the material fuses.It does not damage the interior. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with the dust generated by the laser.

To sum up,based on the premise of fiber laser marking,we can effectively control the quality of products.And we can adopt the above four new methods.In future,high quality fiber laser marking machine will be more competitive in the market.And we will face increasingly fierce competition.

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