How to judge the metal laser cutting quality?-Jennifer

How to determine the quality of laser cutting is very important. For laser cutting, evaluation of its processing quality includes the following principles:

1, Cutting smooth, no stripes, no brittle fracture;

Metal laser cutting machine cutting high-speed plate. The molten metal does not appear in the vertical laser beam under the incision. But will be in the laser beam partial posterior discharge. As a result, the curved lines are formed at the cutting edge and the lines closely follow the moving laser beam. In order to correct this problem, the feed rate reduces at the end of the cutting process. And the formation of lines can be substantially eliminated.

2, Kerf narrow width, which is mainly related to the diameter of the laser beam spot size;

Cutting width of the metal laser cutting machine generally does not affect the cutting quality. The cutting width is important only in the formation of a very precise profile inside the part. Because the cutting width determines the minimum internal dimensions of the profile. When the plate thickness increases, cutting width also increases. So you want to ensure that the same high-precision, regardless of the width of the incision. The workpieces in the laser cutting machine processing area should be constant.

3, The vertical slit, heat affected zone is small;

Under normal circumstances, the metal laser cutting machine concentrated in the processing of materials below 5MM. The verticality of the section may not be the most important assessment factor. But for high-power laser cutting, when the thickness of the processed material exceeds 10mm. The cutting edge’s verticality is very important. Moving away from focus, the laser beam becomes divergent. Cutting widening toward the top or bottom depending on the focus’s position. Cutting edge deviation from the vertical line a few millimeters. The more vertical edge, the higher the cutting quality.

4, No material combustion, no melt layer formation, no large slag;

Burrs,are highly abrasive burrs such as clinker. That can not be removed without further processing. Or it can be easily removed without further processing.
Metal laser CNC cutting machine dross reflects in the deposition and the section burr. It’s material deposition is because the laser cutting. Before the start of the melt perforation hit the workpiece surface. Before a layer of oil-containing special liquid. Gasification and a variety of materials without the customer blowing the wind cut. But up or down the discharge will be deposited on the surface. And the formation of burrs determines. Laser cutting quality is a very important factor.  Because the removal of burrs require additional workload. Burr is a difficult indicator of quantification. So the amount of burr and how much to judge by cutting the quality of the naked eye .

Metal laser cutting machine

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