What Industry Need Fiber Laser Cutting Machinery-Tulsa

What Industry Need Fiber Laser Cutting Machinery-Tulsa

Fiber laser machine is becoming more and more popular in many industry.

Whatever fiber laser marking machine, or fiber laser cutting machine.

So fiber laser cutting machinery will be used in more and more industry in the future.

No.1 Metal cutting

As we talke dbefore, fiber laser is use to cutting or marking metal.

For example, many door and window, bathroom is buit use metal.

So they need to cut metal and make size suit their demand.

We have many customer in bathroom production business or constructions.

According to your different cutting demand, you need different machine power.

For examole, if you need to cut 5mm stainless steel, we suggest you use 1000w or 1500w power.

1000w can cut Max 5mm stainless steel and 1500w can perfect cutting 5mm stainless steel.

It mean that if you want to cut smoothly, youneed choose large power.

No.2 Cutting service

Because of we have many experience in this area, so we know this market.

Many company will provide cutting service for customer, or for teaching.

You know, perhaps many people have not used this type machine before.

Besides large power machine is dangerous for a new comer.

So many company will have a sample machine and teach other people to use it.

And they will get some aducate payment use fiber laer cutting machinery.

Another way is provide cutting survice, you know, many customer need to cut metal.

Perhaps they have no so much budget to buy a fiber laser cutting machine or no need to cost so much.

Then pfind a cutting device will be a good way to save cost and meet demand.


If you can get these information, hope it will help you to know more about this market.


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