information-fiber -marking-machine-green-hand-Sara

information-fiber -marking-machine-green-hand

information-fiber -marking-machine-green-hand—— the laser source

For information-fiber -marking-machine-green-hand.At  First we need to know what material we mark.

Fiber laser can mark almost all metal. Also some nonmetal material like ABS, Film coating, PVC etc.

Usually our customer choose Raycus laser source. Because It is more cost-effective. But if you engrave jewelry pandants. Then we suggest IPG laser source.

Like IPG  more popular in jewelry industry. As it has higher precision for jewelry engraving. Also the gold and silver is high reflect materials. So IPG will be better.

information-fiber -marking-machine-green-hand—— the marking area

information-fiber -marking-machine-green-hand.  How to choose the marking area?

our standard marking area is 70mm, 100mm,200mm, 300mm. For engraving work, it should be within 100mm. But for marking work, all area support.

information-fiber -marking-machine-green-hand– the power choose

how to choose the power?

As many customer prefer 20w for marking work. But need 30w for engraving work.

And many customer  choose 30w Raycus for engraving gun. Also many customer choose 30w IPG for engraving jewelry.

This is really hot sale in jewelry and firarms industry. Below samples are all made by our machine.

laser engraving on firearms
laser engraving on firearms


Warranty for the marking machine, We have 3 years warranty for the marking machine. Also the after sale service.

We have online English speaking engineer for the support. And 24 hours everyday. So you never need worry about the aftersale service.

As we value our reputation. But we  focus on the service and good quality.

If you are looking for laser marking machine, maybe we are a good option.

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