26.Installation Methods and Precautions of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Ella

When use a fiber laser cutting machine for first time,there will be many problems about machine.

To make customers learn faster and operate easily we made a manual instruction for reference.

To the beginning, optical maser (taking Raycus optical maser as an example)

It’s necessary to unpack optical maser sealing and confirm whether optical fiber cable is in good condition

as well as no breakage or bending.


It’s necessary to confirm whether laser head protective cover falls off

and whether sealing paper self-adhesive tape protection status is in good condition;

It’s necessary to verify and confirm whether optical maser power line

and modulating signal line are free from defect.



then it’s necessary to connect optical maser power line connection-peg,

modulating signal line connection-peg and RS232 connector

(in the electrical cabinet in the back of the bed)to the corresponding socket in back of optical maser

according to the following figure.



Firstly it’s very necessary to carry out pressure welding of power line

and modulating signal line terminal to the port corresponding to terminal board

in the rear electrical cabinet in light of marked line number.


Next, optical fiber cable trend  base on the above drawing and the cover plate

shield and drag chain cover along the path shown in the drawing

most importantly take down before installation of optical fiber cable.


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