Introduce of fiber laser marking machine -Sara

Introduce of fiber laser marking machine 

fiber-laser-marking-machine- voltage lens

The fiber laser marking machine introduction. The voltage of fiber laser marking machine is 220V,50hz. But also can be 110V, 50hz or 60hz. So what is your voltage?

The marking area is from 70mm, 100mm, 150mm,175mm,200mm to 300mm. And we can also do customized with large format.

Like 500mm*500mm, 600mm*600mm as customer require. So what working area do you need?

fiber-laser-marking-machine- Extra red light

Our marking machine has extra red  light.  So what is the function of the extra red  light? You can use the red light to find focus. Find the focus position more easy.

But how to find the best focus? The first time you receive the machine. You need to find the focus position manually. By adjust the manual pillar.

Then you can use the extra red light to do it. But how to find the best foucs? Just make the two red dot totally cover. Then you can get the best marking position.

fiber-laser-marking-machine- support format

Fiber laser marking machine details like format. But what format does the software support?

Now we use XT LASER customized software. And the software support many kinds format.

Like AI, DXF are the most common formats. You can save your files as the two formats. Then you can mark with any effect you want.

Our machine can also used together with rotary device. Like round object marking. It is very popular to mark letter on ring for jewelry owners.

you can mark many pattern and letter logo with our machine.