Jewelry cutting and marking by fiber laser marking machine-Jill

Jewelry marking and cutting by fiber laser marking machine-Jill

Fiber laser marking machine is an advanced processing equipment. It can perform non-contact marking processing. When marking, it will not do any material loss to the jewelry products. Besides, flexible marking methods can meet the individual needs of customers. The laser marking machine has fast processing speed and high efficiency. And the marking pattern is fine and beautiful. the marking content is durable. Therefore, the laser marking machine is more widely used in the jewelry cutting and marking industry.

the laser marking machine has the high-precision feature. So it is very suitable for surface marking on precious and delicate jewelry. Such as rings and necklaces .The marking effect is permanent and  wear-resistant. in the jewelry market, personalized markings are favored by customers. Such as special words, greetings and personalized patterns on jewelry.

In addition, the laser marking machine can also realize various markings on the surface of most materials .Such as copper, stainless steel, silver and gold. Moreover, the high-power marking machine can also realize the cutting of gold, silver and copper.

Fiber laser marking machine has a very wide application in jewelry industry.

1.Surface marking

When do surface marking on jewelry material,such as mark inside and outside ring, most of customers like to choose 20w or 30w.20w is for surface marking.And 30w is for faster marking and deep engraving.

Here are some samples for reference

jewlery marking

2.Jewelry cutting

If cutting jewelry,such as gold,silver,brass,customers need to choose 50w or 100w. According to our experience, 50 w marking machine can cut 1.5mm silver and 1mm gold and brass.

Here are some samples for reference

jewelry cutting
jewelry cutting

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