Jewelry Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Tulsa

6040 Jewelry Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

XT LASER is one leader in fiber laser machine application and manufacturing.

We devoted on researching and developing new technology application of fiber laser.

With the help of cooperators, we finished professional fiber laser cutting machine for silver and gold – Jewelry Fiber Laser Cutter.

We are the first manufacturer who can make professional jewelry fiber laser cutter in China market.

So it will be a new beginning on jewelry processing fields.

Jewelry laser machine

Laser machine have been used in jewelry processing fields many years ago, such as jewelry welding, jewelry engraving and jewelry cutting.

Laser welding should be the original application in jewelry processing.

People use jewelry laser welding on rings repair and welding. Compared with other welding solution, laser welding have very smooth welding surface.

With the development of laser technology, fiber laser source become more and more mature near 2004.

Then fiber laser marking machine have very fast development nearly in all fields, including jewelry processing.

We can use fiber laser marking machine engrave many complex and beautiful pattern on rings, bracelet, pendants and so on.

Also we can use fiber laser marking machine on silver and gold cutting, but it will take long time.

Jewelry fiber laser cutting machine

Jewelry fiber laser marking machine for silver cutting is very slow and it need take long time to cut through one pattern. Also its cutting edge is burn heavy and need secondary processing. Due to silver and gold is soft, the cutting edge have many slag.

But for fiber laser cutting machine, all these problems gone.

  1. jewelry fiber laser cutter is very fast for silver cutting.
  2. Its cutting edge is smooth and no any burn, so it don’t need secondary processing.
  3. Its precision is higher so that we can cut very small hole and design.

Although jewelry fiber laser cutter is much more expensive than fiber laser marking machine, its working efficiency is much more faster. But for some big jewelry manufacturer, it will be a new selection in the future.

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