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Jewelry fiber laser marking engraving and cutting

Jewelry fiber laser marking engraving and cutting,the trend in the market.

Jewelry fiber laser marking engraving and cutting









According to some of our customers feedback,they usually to use some manual tools to make the jewelry.

But the time cost and human resource is too much.To have a more competitive brand in the jewelry market,they need to reduce their cost and improve the work efficient.Also the customized jewelry has been a trend in the market.

Thats why they choose the fiber laser marking machine.

How to have a better jewelry effect by the fiber laser marking machine?

Firstly,to make sure your content,you need to mark,or engrave or cut.

Different laser power meet different needs.Usually 20w for marking,30w and 50w for engraving and cutting.

Secondly,if you need to cut some name necklace,you need to make sure the thickness.

30w can cut 0.7mm silver,1.2mm gold;50w can cut 1.5mm silver,2.1mm gold.

So pls confirm with the machine abilities,not just focus on the price.

Thirdly,if you need to mark rings and bracelets,you need to make sure the maximum diameters of your jewelry.

Cause usually for rings,the 50mm is enough,for bracelets,the 80mm is enough,if you still have bigger one,its better to tell us the specific sizes.

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Finally,some of our customers want to mark special color on jewelry.

As a honest machine factory,have to tell you,there is almost no possibilities to mark special color on jewelry.

Why can not?

Cause for jewelry machine,usually choose IPG or Raycus laser source,which is can mark black,white and gold color on metals easily.And for color marking,usually on high quality stainless steel,use MOPA laser source.

So do not focus on the color marking on jewelry.

Jewelry fiber laser marking, engraving and cutting

And one more thing,some customers need the dust collection,we have one machine,called Conyson CN-301,which is special for collection and smoke exhaust.

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More details,we can have a discussion.