Do you know the details of fiber laser cutting machine:Charry

Do you know the details of fiber laser cutting machine

Do you know the details of fiber laser cutting machine.

Firstly.Does the machine come with collsion detection?

Yes,it is.

Secondly.Does the machine come with a break away feature upon collision?

Yes,it is. If  there is any material up and touch the laser head,then it will stop cutting,to protect the laser head

Thirdly.What can be expected to be broken upon collision?

Maybe the nozzles or the ceramic ring.

Fourthly.The head travel is their an elliptical function(s) for moving from feature to feature?

Yes,It move by X and Y and Z axis to finish the cutting.

Firthly.What shop air pressure do your require?

0-30bar is enough.

Sixthly.Cooling system / Chiller requires what chemicals?

No need chemicals,just need pure water,about month to change one time.

Seventhly.Cooling system / Chiller requires flushing how often?

Only need to change the water,about one month one time, and the filter need to be cleaned about 3months one time.

Eighthly.How much air flow on the dust collector?

Dust power is 3kw,the air flow is 2664-5268 m3/h.

Ninthly.Where is service?

When you get machine,engineers will install the machine and train for you,no need any extra salary fro engineers,just need to pay the air tickets,hotel and food for them.Then they will help you to finish materials parameters testing,adjust the saved parameters on computer,and teach you how to operate it,usually 7days is enough. For fiber laser machine,actually,the hardest is the parameters adjusting,operation is easy,only need to click or press some buttons. We have online service engineers,if you have small questions,engineers will reply you online,like whatsapp,skype,wechat,etc,phone call,video call ,etc. So do not worry about it,if you need,engineers will go to your factory to supprt you.

Finally,if you want to know more about fiber laser cutting machine,contact us.