What Should You Know About Fiber Laser Cutting Machines?-Angelina

What Should You Know About Fiber Laser Cutting Machines?

Fiber laser cutting machines have become a new star in laser industry and an emerging leader in sheet metal cutting field.

Persistent investment and researches have contributed to prosperous development of fiber laser technology.

And it has obtained an extensive popularity from modern laser industries.

Here let’s learn it from an overall perspective.

Therefore,introduction to fiber laser cutting technology:

Fiber laser technology works in the way that a fiber laser beam is focused highly on the surface of materials we cut.

In which the laser beam of high energy density transforms into great heat with intensified temperature.

Exposing to such heated and focused laser beam, the surface of materials will melt or vaporize instantly.

And meanwhile the gas will be blown into the surface of material to sweep off the residue of powder caused from melting materials.

1.Advantages of fiber laser cutting machines:

Compared to traditional CO2 laser machines or YAG lasers, fiber laser machines are more versatile in metals processing.

Especially for sheet metal engraving, cutting and marking.

Also, when processing a wide range of metals, the fiber laser machines all can cut in a very precise way.

Besides,it is with high quality cutting edge and faster speed.

And more important, our fiber laser cutting machine’s  bed is more than 3.5 tons.

Then it powerfully guarantees the stability and precision of cutting process.

Besides, some other major benefits of fiber laser cutting machines are as below.

  • Greater energy transformation rate.
  • Cleaner cutting process with gas’s assistant.
  • Less maintenance cost – no regular maintenance needed and fewer components replacement.
  • Faster cutting speed with high precision and quality.
  • More turns for your investment.

Applications of fiber laser cutting machines includes:

  • High precision sheet metal processing
  • Advertising signage
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Mechanical equipment production
  • Electrical equipment production

The low-cost operation and perfect cutting results of fiber laser machines have attracted more effort to be thrown into long term development of fiber laser technology.

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