To know more about fiber laser marker: Charry

To know more about fiber laser marker

To know more about fiber laser marker

There is one customers questions about the fiber laser marking machine.

Sharing my answers to you,then will help you to know more.

Firstly,For number marking,stainless steel and aluminum 

For stainless steel marking,Q-switched laser source is enough.
For aluminum,your product is not anodize,so the q-switched is okay,cause MOPA is suitable for anodize aluminum marking,for aluminum,its almost the same marking effect as the Q-switched.

​You do not need the artistic marking effect. And MOPA is higher expensive than Q-switched,there is no necessary to waste your money.So Q-switched is enough for you.
Secondly,For samples pictures,pls check as below:

To know more about fiber laser marker
To know more about fiber laser marker

Thirdly,You just need a marking,not engraving,the 20w laser power is enough.

Fourthly,For rotary device:

There with different sizes,so we need to know your maximum diameters of the object,then we can make sure the suitable one.

Fifthly,For micro-adjustable table,thats our standard part of the whole machine,some suppliers do not have,but we have it,do not worry about it.

To know more about fiber laser marker

Sixthly,For PC:

It is also the standard part of the machine.We use the windows 7,64bit system.

To know more about fiber laser marker

To know more about fiber laser marker

Finally,Original part:

Yes,absolutely,we use the original part,all of the parts are original,we are a honest factory,we shame on that liars.

We use the Ezcad copyright version,2.14.8,of course,it with the doggle,then you can use it to mark. (if without the doggle,it just in demo status,can not work with the machine)
And you can update the version when the new version comes out,the copy version can not update.

We provide Germany IPG,China Raycus,and China JPT.(Max is not stable and a higher failure rate,we do not use it)
All of the laser source with the original testing report,and the serial number,you can check it on the official website.

So after the checking of your questions,20w Raycus is enough for your requirement.

So if you want to have a suitable solution,you can tell us your marking details:
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