How to know the metal fiber laser cutting machine quality (1)- Catherine

How to know the metal fiber laser cutting machine quality (1)

In modern society, the use of lasers has become more and more common. It has also brought about tremendous changes in our modern life. There is no uniform standard for the quality evaluation of metal laser cutting machines. So far, there are no laser cutting quality standards in China. And the ISO9000 series of quality assurance methods provided by the UE. The laser cutting standards and the standard sample regulations have been studied. How to know the metal fiber laser cutting machine quality?

The contents include: classification of cutting quality, standards and samples of samples. Processing, optical systems, sample price types, and beam characteristics.

Many people are buying laser cutting machines or second-hand laser cutting machines and do not know how to judge the quality of laser cutting machines. Generally, the quality and performance of a laser cutting machine directly determine the effect of cutting out the product. In fact, this is unscientific because the laser cutting will have different materials, cutting speed, cutting effect, and cutting power. Changed. For laser cutting, our idea is to evaluate its processing quality mainly through the following principles:

1. Smooth cutting surface, no stripes, no burrs, no brittle fracture;

When a metal laser cutting machine cuts a thick plate at a high speed. The molten metal does not appear in the cut at the bottom of the laser beam. But it will spray after the laser beam. As a result, the curve forme on the cutting edge closely follows the moving laser beam. In order to solve this problem, we only reduce the speed at the end of the cutting process. Thereby greatly eliminating the generation of lines.

2, The size of the cutting gap;

The narrow slit width, which is mainly related to the size of the laser beam spot. The width of the metal laser cutting machine generally does not affect the cutting quality. The cutting width has an important influence on the formation of a particularly accurate part of the profile. Which is because the cutting width determines the smallest interior of the profile. The cutting width will increase as the thickness of the plate increases. Therefore, in order to ensure the same high accuracy, regardless of the width of the cut. The workpiece in the laser cutting machine processing area should constant.

3. The verticality of the slit is good, and the heat affected zone is small;

Under normal circumstances, the perpendicularity of the section of the material below 5 mm cut by the metal laser cutting machine. It may not be the most important evaluation factor, but for high-power laser cutting. When the thickness of the processing material exceeds 10 mm. The verticality of the cutting edge it will become very important. Since the laser beam becomes divergent when it is far from the focus. The cuts widen toward the top or bottom depending on the position of the focal point. The edge of the cutting edge is a few hundredths of a millimeter from the vertical line. The more vertical the edge, the higher the cutting quality. The laser beam emit the IPG laser and precision machine tool use in XT laser cutting machine has a very stable stability. The 10mm product cutting up and down the error can control within 0.3mm.

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