some knowledge of 3d laser marking machine-Ella

some knowledge of 3d laser marking machine

3d laser marking machine-Dynamic Focus Control System-F20

Firstly.Metal material, high-end manufacturing applications

Because Equipped with a self-contained software suite for easy handling of 3D surface applications;

also 3D curved surface working range is variable: 100×100×20 mm to 600×600×80mm

Note: 3DS software is optional


Secondly.Hardware advantage

Optical design for different lasers, light loss, performance increased by 20%;

dynamic axis standard with THK high-speed rail, fast response;

Pro series standard CTI high-speed digital galvanometer stability is higher.


Thirdly.Software advantage

When it comes to the software port is open and can be customized according to equipment or production line requirements.

Optional 3D marking software for easy surface marking and 3D relief.
Next.Technical Support

Besides,The independent software and hardware design can provide fast and comprehensive technical support;

the technology platform is open, and equipment integration can be completed efficiently;

when the same configuration or price, the equipment efficiency is the highest.
Most importantly.customer service

When First-time procurement can provide on-site technical training;

Also the factory training of technical engineers can be carried out for customers.

Then.Applicable materials:

Especially,Mobile phone buttons, light-transmitting buttons, integrated circuits (IC), metal products, plastic products, etc.

Finally.Application industry:

Generally,Plastic, electronic communication, precision hardware, jewelry, electrical appliances,

auto parts, instrumentation, sanitary ware, glasses and clocks, etc.

Item Unit Parameter

Power  Supply

Input Voltage VAC 170-264
Output Voltage VDC ±24
Current A 8.8
Control Card Input interface  XY2-100 Protocol
Output interface USB
Laser type Fiber laser Source
Environmental Requirement Ambient temperature 0℃—+50℃
Storage temperature -10℃—+60℃
Humidity  ≤75% non condensing
Specifications For
Scan angle ° ±11.25
Repeatability urad 8
Max. Gain drift ppm/K 100
Max. Offset drift urad/K 30
Long-term drift over 8h mrad 0.5
Maximal processing speed
 Step response ms ≤0.6
Specifications For
Laser YAG/Fiber
Wavelength nm 1064
Coating AR Coating
 Aperture size mm 20
Specifications For Structure Weight Kg 12
Dimension [LxWxH] mm 800x150x156
Field Size & Spot Diameter Field size mm 100x100x20 200x200x40 300x300x60 400x400x60 500x500x60 600x600x80
The Smallest Spot  diameter 1/e² mm 0.014 0.022 0.031 0.04 0.049 0.058


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