Knowledge of cutting head on fiber laser cutter-Angelina

Knowledge of cutting head on fiber laser cutter

We all know that fiber laser cutter is more and more popular in recent days.

As an important part of fiber laser cutting machine, cutting head plays an important role.

Therefore, in this passage we would like to talk more details about the fiber laser cutting machine.

1.Cutting head of fiber laser cutter

There are total two types of cutting head: auto focus cutting head and hand focus cutting head.

①For the autofocus cutting head, it is suitable for the machine which is more than 2kw.

Cause for the 2kw machine belongs to high power.

It could cut many different materials and different thickness.

So using the autofocus head would be more convenient and save much time.

But for some low and middle power machine, there is no need for it.

For one thing, there is extra cost, for another, the low power machine whose cutting ability is limited.

So the autos focus on the fiber laser cutter would be a waste for them.

For the auto focus cutting head, it is controlled by the software, there is a motor inside the cutting head.

For the first time, u need find the focus by hand(try many times so that find the focus), then save the parameter in the software.

When u cut the different materials and thickness in the next time, just clicking on the software, the machine could find the focus by itself.

There are some small parts on the cutting head: fucus lens, protective lens and nozzles.

For the lens, pls be careful of avoiding the dust, if there is dust on the lens, it will be burned during the cutting process.

For the lens, it is expensive and belongs to the consumable parts.

So u must be careful for it.

For the nozzels, it has single nozzle and double nozzle.

The nozzle is related to thethickness, pls check the photo:

Left side is double nozzles, right side is single nozzle

Cutting nozzles

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