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China International Industry Fair is the most important fair in various industry machinery field. Fiber laser technology application is one of the most important fields in this exhibition, every year it will rise many different application and technology on fiber laser cutting machines, fiber laser marking machine and laser welding machine.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machines on CIIF

This time we total take four main fiber laser cutting machines type to CIIF. One set enclosure fiber laser cutting machine, one exchange table fiber laser cutting machine and one set liner motor fiber laser cutter and tube laser cutter.

  • Enclosure fiber laser cutting machine

fiber laser cutting machines

Due to fiber laser machine have special radiation and may hurt people, so protective cabinet is necessary in many country’s rule, especial in Europe and North America. If laser machine don’t have protective, even they can’t open it. This time we also take enclosure machine to the site. 

We design this enclosure fiber laser cutter according to European standard and CE certificated. Additional, we recommend you use enclosure type for all high power laser cutting machine. Such as 2000w 3000w or higher. Also our skin can’t absorb fiber laser, so high laser power will rise so much temperature. It may cause heavy hurt to operator.

  • Tube fiber laser cutter

Compared with plate fiber laser cutter, tube fiber laser cutting machine have much more high demand on technology. Now 6M length tube cutting machine is most common in the market. Its clamp size from 20~160mm.

Tube fiber laser cutter

  • Exchange table fiber laser cutting machine

Due to high power fiber laser cutting machine need cut thick plate which is not easy to move. Nearly all high power machine need use exchange pallet. When one working table working, another one will move to back and arrange for loading.

Exchange table fiber laser cutting machine

  • Liner Motor precision fiber laser cutting machine

This is one set liner motor fiber laser cutting machine. Compared with other servo motor fiber laser cutting machine, its precision can reach 0.02mm. This machine type main used on precision cutting and some thin metal cutting.

Liner Motor precision fiber laser cutting machine


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