Gun owners have been adding personal touches with decorative artwork and embellishments to their guns since the development of firearms. In the 16th century, artistic efforts in marking firearms began to advance greatly.

laser engraving on firearms
laser engraving on firearms

Laser Engraving is the Way-laser engraving on firearms

It is important when selecting a laser engraving system for marking firearms to make sure it meets the ATF Guidelines for depth and size requirements. Selecting the wrong configuration can result in the inability to meet these requirements.

XTLASER’s FiberCube Laser Engraving Systems can achieve the necessary size and depth. “This machine is perfect for engraving firearms, due to the very small and detailed engravings at depths up to 0.040 in.(1mm),”  “Also, the engravings can be complete very quickly depending on the size and complexity of the engraving. In addition to being faster, a laser beam is much smaller than a tool bit, so it also looks crisper and cleaner than traditional methods of engraving. This tool never wears out, breaks or gets dull causing improper depth or size.”

The Laser Engraving System on firearms.

Also empowers firearms manufacturers and enthusiasts to personalize their guns. Customization for sportsmen, first res ponders and veterans provide a unique way to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Even complex images can be accurately render using laser engraving technologies, produce crisp lines, incredible detail and beautiful craftsmanship.

XTLASER’s Laser Engraving Software was developed exclusively for the firearms

industry through hundreds of applications and requests by

manufacturers and aftermarket retailers. Its purpose was to provide an

easy-to-use, straightforward method to create amazing graphics and visual effects on

all types of firearms as well as other items.

A variety of textures, depths, and shadings from black to white are supplied in the standard package. This software allows the user to import an image from many different graphics and CAD file types then separate areas of the image into regions. Each region can then have a texture, depth or shading applied to it as easy as “coloring in a coloring book.”

Patterns and effects are only limited by the user’s imagination and with the recent introduction of XTLASER’s “Color Effect” module some materials such as stainless steel can have actual colors applied in this “paint by numbers” method. Imagine the American Flag draped on the slide of your gun in actual, Red, White and Blue or the “Guns and Roses” image with actual “red roses.”

XTLASER’s product line with Marking Software is the perfect solution for any arena of the firearms and tactical weapons industry.Three sizes are currently available, the original  (standard size), the  Compact (for smaller applications) and the new  (for larger applications). They are all application specific and depend on the volume and size of the parts to be mark all the way to accommodating rifle barrels and receivers.

laser engraving on firearms
laser engraving on firearms

Operator tasks are also simple, a part is load into the system,

if the programmable focus adjustment available focus set automatically.

Otherwise it manually set with the dual focus alignment diodes, the red laser

trace feature draws a visible red box showing the location of the image to be laser,

either the part can be move into that location or the location itself can be move with

the software (with the appropriate fixture, no alignment is necessary).

The safety door is then close and the part is mark.

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