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Laser Engraving Machine

Laser engraving system is the reliable solution to marking metal, glass, plastic, wood, and rubber. The laser engraving machine can mark text, logos, serial numbers, and bar code etc. Laser engraving machine can create permanent marks that are durable and free of wear. Due to these reasons, laser engraving is widely chosen for marking parts and products. These parts have wide application in the aerospace, military, defense, and mining industries.

However, operating Laser engraving system beyond the suppliers’ recommendations can cause severe injuries to the operator and damage to property. This blog enlists some of the safety guidelines that must be stringently followed when working with laser engraving systems.

Laser Engraving System
sealed fiber laser marking machine

Safety Instruction

Be on the safe side when working with laser marking systems. Consider the listed recommendations to minimize risks:

  • Direct exposure to the laser beam can cause severe burns and eye damage. Ensure that you are wearing laser safety goggles when working in the vicinity of laser equipment.
  • Operators should keep a fire extinguisher at the facility since laser may lead to an unexpected fire outbreak.
  • Fumes and smoke generated during the marking process must be extracted from the room. Ensure that you have install a properly maintained fume exhausting system at the facility.
  • Do not move or lift the system alone. Always seek assistance of one or two other people, in case you need to change the system’s position. The weight of the system may lead to injury.
  • Be sure to disconnect the power and remove the power cord from the electrical supply when cleaning, maintaining, and servicing the laser equipment.
  • Do not stare at the bright and intense light appearing during the engraving process. Also we recommend not to stare at the light even through optical instruments. Doing so can cause serious eye damage, even permanent blindness.

fiber laser marker

Failure to follow the safety instructions provided in the user manual can result in catastrophic incidents. Spend time to read and understand the recommendations provided by the OEM. This will help you to achieve desired results, while keeping yourselves and others safe, and not damaging the equipment and your facility.

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