Why is the best solution laser marking machine for medical equipments (lisa)

Why is the best solution laser marking machine for medical equipments

Laser marking machine

 fiber laser marking machine

Because there are thousands of equipment, devices, and tools in hospitals and medical facilities which make it possible for staff and doctors to go about their jobs every day. Identifying each one of them and putting them to their purposed use is very important and that is why they have to be marked.

Marking safeguards the safety of patients, keeps members of staff accountable, makes it easy for the maintenance team to service medical equipment, helps the procurement department to procure the right equipment and at the right time, and keeps the details of the manufacturer.On the whole, laser Marking Machine saves everyone’s time and keeps medical facilities and hospitals running smoothly.

Laser Marking

Evenhere are various ways of marking equipment, but laser marking is superior. Laser marking is the use of laser beams to label equipment, tools, devices, parts and materials. Unlike stickers and such, laser marking is durable. It never wears out. It weathers abrasive chemicals, moisture, heat and other harsh conditions known to ruin the other kinds of labelling


Why Laser Marking is Important

In 2013, Food and Drugs Association (FDA) made laser marking of medical equipment mandatory. Because all the medical equipment needs to be identified and traced. The FDA requires that the marks are clear and the text can be readable by the machine and human beings


Unique Device Identification

The FDA requires that all medical equipment bear a Unique Device Identification (UDI). This assigned “unique identifier” carries with it the name of the manufacturer. The make or model of the product, expiry date – if applicable and unique attributes if any.

The government issues guidelines on marking equipment with unique identifiers, and these marks nearly suits the usage in some small tools in the medical field, so Laser marking is compulsory.

How to Laser Mark

Laser  marking can mark not only on plastic or metals selected and specified  but also on materials like foil and laminate . Contrary to other forms of labelling, laser marking does not involve any contact. Because the material or surface determines the type of laser mark .

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