Fiber Laser Marking Machine Lens Maintenance Cleaning Method-Anne

Fiber Laser Marking Machine Lens Maintenance Cleaning Method

The Most friends can skillfully operate fiber laser marking machines after purchasing fiber laser marking machines, but they do not know how to maintain our fiber laser marking machine equipment.Today we will give you a professional introduction to the lens maintenance and cleaning methods of fiber laser marking machines.

The Fiber laser marking machine lens cleaning method:

Periodically check each optical lens for dirt (period depends on the working environment) and scrub if there is an

emergency. Otherwise, there will be a fixed sound quality.

When cleaning lenses, be very careful. Before cleaning the lenses, please see the following precautions:
Use tools to take lenses, such as tweezers. Always wear a finger or rubber glove if you have a lens. The lens should be placed on lens paper to avoid damage.
Do not place the lens on a hard or rough surface. The lens is easily scratched. The
Do not clean or touch the surface of pure gold or pure copper.

The first step:

Use a blower to blow off the float on the lens surface. If you can’t blow off the contaminants, continue with the second step.

Note: Do not use factory compressed air, because it contains a lot of oil and water, oil and water will form a harmful absorption film on the surface of the film.

The Second step

With acetone or ethanol (necessary analysis of pure), wipe the mirror paper into a small box folder, such as wet wipe between the four fingers, in one hand, holding the lens in one hand and gently brush the paper in the direction of the lens coating lines, if not clean and repeat the above Action (wipe one sheet at a time).

Note: If this step does not remove dirt, it is advisable to replace the lens with the second-hand marking machine.

The Optical fiber laser marking machine lens is not clean will affect the effect of laser marking, so we use the laser coder to ensure that the lens is clean, but in the process of cleaning and maintenance are the following taboos:

(1). Touch the mirror with your hand

(2). Blowing on mirror air or using air compressor

(3). The mirror directly touches the surface of the hard object

(4). Wipe with non-shaft paper (stick) or wipe the lens hard

(5). Press firmly when attaching and detaching the lens

The above is the professional solution for the maintenance of the optical fiber laser marking machine lens cleaning method. If you need more fiber laser marking machine equipment maintenance information, welcome to contact us .


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