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Low power or high power?

With the development of laser machine market, the power of the machine is also gradually increasing. The previous 10 watt power has been eliminated by the market.Now 20 watt machines have become the lowest power for fiber laser marking machine. So which power is good for us? Low power or high power?

It is difficult for us to buy a 10 watt machine. 20 watt machines may also be eliminated. But it doesn’t mean the high power fiber laser marking machine is only good one.

As long as the machine can meet the requests, it is a good machine.

20 watt fiber laser marking machine.

If we only mark surface of mostly metal, such as the logo or brand. 20 watt is a good choice. No need to pay much money, can meet their own requirements. And we recommend the maximum 200*200 mm lens for 20 watt machine because the laser decreasing.

30 watt fiber laser marking machine.

If  you don’t have clear requirements, and maybe need deep engraving in the future. So the 30 watt machine is your first choice. The price of the 20 watt and 30 watt machines will not be much different.Choose 30 to have more choice.

50 watt fiber laser marking machine.

To a high power machine, the price is a point for us. That is a truth that we can’t shy away from. 50 watt has high marking speed and efficiency, can achieve laser cutting for some metal thinner than 1 mm. These are the advantages of high power laser marking machine.

Above all, Different power machines have different market positioning. Existence is truth. Regardless of high power or low power, the suitable power is the good power.

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