Main parts introduction of fiber laser cutter-Angelina

Main parts introduction of fiber laser cutter

Fiber laser cutter is more and more hot in the market.

Some customers or agent compare the price and warranty among different suppliers.

Different machine with different specification may make the customer feel different.

Even one of the parts of the fiber laser cutting machine may have a big role on the machine.

Here we would like to talk some detail about the machine parts.

1.The laser source

For the fiber laser cutting machine, the laser source is important.

We have raycus, ipg and nLIGHT laser source for reference.

Most customer would like to choose the raycus laser source, the best brand in China.

This type laser source is cheaper than ipg, but also good quality.

So more and more customers would like to choose this one.

fiber laser cutting machine

And for the IPG laser source, some India and Germany would prefer this model.

This type laser source, we usually advise the high power machine euipping with this.

2.The laser head.

The most popular brand is Raytools cutting head.

Most supplier would like to choose this type cutting head for the fiber laser cutter machine.

3.The machine body

The machine body must be stable so that assuring the cutting accuracy.

If the machine body shake during the cutting process, the cutting outcome will not good.

3.Serve motor

We use  the YASKAWA serve motor , the best brand in Japan.

For this type , the power is enough for the machine operation.

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