How to maintain the USB laser marking machine?-Jennifer

Keep cleaning about the Interior and machine surface

First, keep the interior and machine surface clean and tidy regularly. To check whether the optical lens has dirt (the term depends on the working environment). If there is dirt emergency scrub. Scrubbing method. When cleaning the lens, must be very careful. Before the lens cleaning, no alteration of the protection circuit and the main components of the laser in USB laser marking machine.

Secondly, Refusing to start the laser power supply.  Refusing the Q-switched power supply without water or water circulation abnormal condition. Do not allow Q power no-load work (that is, the output end of the Q-switched power supply) abnormal phenomenon. First turn off the galvanometer switch and key switch. Then check attention to the laser power output (anode) hanging. In order to prevent and other electrical appliances spark, breakdown in USB laser marking machine.

Keeping the inner circulating water clean in USB laser marking machine

Again, keep the inner circulating water clean. Regular cleaning of the laser marking machine water tank and change clean deionized water or pure waters does not allow the Krypton lamp before the ignition of other components, in order to prevent high-pressure channeling into the damaged components;

Finally, the configuration of laser chillers, effectively cooling the marking machine module and Q Head, to prevent the marking machine temperature too high. In the use of the process should observe the above matters, the correct use of laser equipment, so as to extend the service life of equipment, reduce costs.

Choosing the appropriate laser lens.

The longer focus distance it is, the bigger laser spot it will be. Under the same laser spot overlapping coefficiency, we can enhance the filling line distance, so as to enhance the marking efficiency.

The bigger marking lens it is, the smaller power and density it will be. So we need to make sure the laser energy is with the bigger line distance.

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