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maintenance Fiber laser marking machine

Now fiber laser marking machine is hot selling in many industry. However, we always meet some customers ask for the machine maintain and its precautions. So this artical will help you know more about the maintenance Fiber laser marking machine.
The fiber laser marking machine is not working, the marking machine and computer power should turn off.
When the machine is not working, cover the field lens lens to prevent dust from contaminating the optical lens.
For the machine is working, the circuit is in a high voltage state. If it is not a professional, do not overhaul it during startup to avoid electric shock.

If there is any malfunction of this unit, the power should cut off immediately.
When the equipment use for a long time, the dust in the air will adsorb on the lower end surface of the focusing mirror.

The lighter will reduce the power of the laser and affect the marking effect; the heavy one will cause the optical lens to absorb heat and overheat and burst. When the marking effect is not good, carefully check the surface of the focusing mirror for contamination.
If the surface of the focusing mirror contaminate, the focusing mirror should remove to clean the lower surface.
Care should take when removing the focusing mirror, taking care not to break or fall. And at the same time, do not touch the focusing mirror with your hand or other objects.
The cleaning method is to mix anhydrous ethanol (analytical grade) with diethyl ether (analytical grade) in a ratio of 3:1, infiltrate the mixture with a long fiber cotton swab or lens paper. And gently scrub the lower end surface of the focusing mirror. A cotton swab or lens paper must replace.

During the working of the marking machine, the marking machine must not be moved to avoid damage to the machine.
Do not cover the stack or put other items on the marking machine to avoid affecting the heat dissipation effect of the machine.
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