Which one is the best laser marker for clients-Ethan

Here is Ethan,I am a trade clerk of XT laser company.In my daily work life,I search for customers and clients.Then sell our factory’s products:fiber laser cutting machine and laser marking machine.Many manufacturers give me inquiries each day. And as a responsible trader,selecting the best laser marking machine for customers plays a very important part.

How to selecting the best laser marking machine

1.Firstly we should know about all kind of laser marking marking machines clearly

In our company,we produce the below marking machines.There is no doubt that,we must be proficient in the machines.

1 Co2 laser marking machine can mark on most non-metal and a small part metal.

2 MOPA  laser marking machine can mark stainless in different color,and  blacken Alumina.

3 fiber laser marking machine can mark on most metal and little part  non-metal.

Then we need to know the brands of our laser marking machines’ components.Such as  the laser source and  board.

Last but not the least,we need master which is the better one.

2.Secondly we need to collect customers’ working contents.

After receiving the inquiries of clients,we need to search messages of them as much as possible.

For example,look through their company’s website,and then find out their products they need to mark possibly.What need to do next is sending  them pictures of these products. If yes,we could  start to make a program for them.If not,we should ask clients the details they want to mark,such as the materials the  thickness,the width and length.

3.Then,what we should do in the next

In this time, we could analysis the materials’ parameter,and make an expectation of machine’s model they need preliminary.Next,we could send some pictures of machines to them,and ask them if this model could meet their needs. Or ask them for their ideal parameters.

Also we could ask some samples they need to mark.Make a test and take the test video for them.

If they said okay,we could talk about the details of cooperation.