Make sure the fiber laser cutting effect;Charry

Make sure the fiber laser cutting effect

Make sure the fiber laser cutting effect.

There are many reasons why the template can not cut it off.The most common ones are as follows.

1. The power of the laser is reduced or the lamp is aging, so that the energy of the laser beam is not enough, and the template is not cut. Need to adjust the laser power to replace the laser generator lamp.

2, the cutting speed is too fast, according to the thickness of the cutting plate to select a suitable cutting speed.

3. Check whether the output pressure of the proportional valve is consistent with the cutting pressure set by the upper computer, and whether the oxygen meter is at the indication of 10 kg.

4. Check whether the protective lens is damaged or not, and replace the protective lens.

5. The focus position is not suitable, and the focus position is adjusted according to the type of sheet thickness.

6. Under the premise of protecting the lens and cutting speed and air pressure, check whether there is any problem with the fiber interface. If there is no problem with the fiber interface, please check whether the collimating lens and the focusing lens of the laser cutting head are damaged. If there is damage. Please replace it in time.

Laser-cut carbon steel, sometimes burrs on the edge of the work piece,what is the reason?

Firstly.The upper and lower positions of the laser focus are not correct. It is necessary to do the focus position test and adjust according to the offset of the focus.

Secondly.The nozzle selection is not suitable, replace the nozzles.

Thirdly.The purity and pressure of the cutting gas are insufficient, and it is necessary to provide high-quality cutting working gas and increase the pressure.

4.Finally.Sometimes the laser beam is not in the center.Sometimes the laser head is not vertical with the machine bed.

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