Marking Material of Different Laser Marker Machine 1-Tulsa

Marking Material of Different Laser Marking Machine 1-Tulsa

According to different kind of laser source, laser marker machine can divide to many kinds.

And the major types laser marking machine is include 5 kinds.

Include fiber laser marking machine, Co2 laser marking machine, QR laser marking machine, Mopa and green laser marking machine.

In order to make customer easy to choose the suitable machine, we introduce different marking material of different machine.

1. Fiber laser marking machine

As you know, fiber laser marker machine is the most popular and use width machine in laser industry.

Because of fiber laser wavelength is 1064nm, can mark metal and a part of plastic.

Accoring to different power, cutting material and thickness, fiber laser marking machine can cut and deep engraving, too.

For example, marking on gun is always need deep marking, you need 30w or 50w.

And cutting metal and silver is need 30w, about 1mm thickness.

2.Co2 laser marking machine

Co2 laser marking machine is many difference with fiber laser marker machine.

As we all known, Co2 laser wavelength is 10.64um, it can mark non-metal.

For example, wood, acrylic, plastic, leather and so on.

So they are used in different cutting industry. Even if they are all laser marking machine.







3.Mopa fiber laser marking machine

Perhaps many people don’t know this machine because fiber laser marking machine can meet most of customer.

Indeed, fiber laser marking is most used in many industry.

Actually, Mopa laser marking machine’s laser wavelength can adjust.

So it can mark more material.


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