Metal cutter fiber laser machine:Charry

Metal cutter fiber laser machine

Metal cutter fiber laser machine.

Before purchasing,we need to know some details of product.It is necessary.

1.Why more and more customers choose fiber laser to cut metal?

The most important is the Photoelectric conversion rate is higher.

For example, if you use plasma or CO2 machine to cut 10mm steel,the electrical consumption is about 1kw,but for fiber laser,it just need 0.6kw.

So after the customers use and calculate,use fiber laser cutting machine can save USD22000-USD26400 cost within 3 years.

It is not a few consumption!!!!

And our customers said,use fiber laser is to improve the cutting efficiency,cause for each hour,the quantity we make more,the profit we get more.
Usually they can get all of the machine cost back within half year.

2.For the limit cutting,usually the speed is slowly,and the cutting edge with little slag,and the cutting side with laser trace.You can take it into consideration.

3.And for fiber laser cutting machine,most customers worry about the machine operation,but we are a factory,not a trading company.

We have the after sales department.

It is to support you when customers get the machine,5 online engineers,15 overseas engineers for installation and training.

Our engineer will go to your factory to install and train for you.And you do not need to pay extra salary to engineers,only need to pay the tickets,hotel and food.

Online way include the whatsapp,skype,wechat talking,video talking,phone call,remote control,emails.
What we need to do is to make sure the reputation of partners.

So if you want to buy fiber laser cutting machine,contact us.

A professional supplier will offer you the suitable solution.If they only offer you a price,they just want to sell to you.Not support you.

Be careful on such suppliers.They want money from you.

Finally,more info,contact us.