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Yesterday we talked about some common problems during metal fiber laser cutting  process. When these problems rise, we need think about solution to solve them. Follow is some way about how to solve the common problem we face.

Erosion on the sharp corners

We know the erosion may come from the different cutting speed. So we can think how to keep the fiber laser cutting speed continue then avoid the erosion.

Usually we have two solution solve the erosion problems. One solution is change the cutting path. When cutting corners, we can make laser cutting head run a circle (no laser output) when finished one side cutting. During this process the plate temperature is cooling so that another side temperature is not very high. But this solution will cost more time, it is suitable for quantity cutting.

Laser can’t cut through the metal

For different reason we need take different solution. We know power attenuation is the most common reason. So when we select fiber laser cutting machine, we need select little high power laser source. For example, 3mm stainless steel is max thickness for 500w fiber laser cutting machine. If we need cut 3mm stainless steel quantity that’s better use 750w fiber laser cutting machine.

Additional, we can reduce cutting speed, clean the reflective lens and change focus lens, cooling water. Of course, we need clean nozzle timely so that it can increase auxiliary gas pressure.

For the high reflective material, that’s better paint absorbs light material or polish the surface in advance.

No laser output

For this problem we need check machine step by step and take exclusive method.

Firstly, we need check water circulation system and cooling system.

Secondly, click preset button and check whether ampere meter swing. If not, electric power supply may have problem.

Thirdly, adjust laser path. laser path may become sidelong during long time running.

Forth, clean optical diaphragm and change the broken one.

Cutting process is discontinuous

Program problem is the main reason rise discontinue cutting. it require drawing designer do all drawing very careful. When we finish the drawing file also need check it again.

If this problem happen when we change auxiliary gas, we can try to reduce 5% cutting speed. Of course, we need accumulate the experience during long time working.

Of course, this is just very small parts problem we and solution we have during fiber laser cutting. We may face various problem in this process.

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