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Steel Laser Cutting Machine

Steel Laser Cutting Machine is the most advanced metal cutting equipment. Compared with traditional metal cutting equipment, such as water jet, plasma cutting, EDM, steel laser cutting machine have much more advantage on cutting speed, cutting precision and cutting cost.

Although Steel Laser Cutting Machine have so many advantage, it can instead traditional cutting machine in all fields? what kind of material it can cut?

Steel Laser Cutting Machine sample
stainless steel cutting sample
  • Carbon steel

Carbon steel is one of the most common metal material, it have very wide application in many industry fields. Such as elevator, electric case, sheet metal, kitchen ware etc.

For carbon steel cutting, it need O2 as auxiliary gas. so that the cutting edge is smooth and bright. Also it is the easiest metal material for laser cutting. 500w fiber laser cutting machine can cut max 5mm carbon steel. 

In metal cutting fields, just the carbon steel thickness less than 20mm, fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice. Its total cost is most low in all cutting solution. No matter gas cost, electric power cost, maintenance cost.

  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel also called inox. Also it is the most common material for laser cutting. But different with carbon steel, inox laser cutting need N2 as auxiliary gas. N2 is inert gases so it can prevent cutting edge become yellow color and be oxidized.

  • Galvanized sheet

Galvanized sheet have very wide application on automobile manufacturing, freezer, construction, ventilation and furniture manufacturing. Also it is one kind of steel sheet but painted one layer zine material on the surface. So it have very good rust-roof performance.

Except this kind of material, fiber laser cutter also been used in some high reflective material, such as aluminum, brass etc. But these material will reflect most laser light so that it is very hard  to cut with laser. Even it may damage fiber laser source. So even thin aluminum sheet also need high power fiber laser cutting machine.


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