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mini marking machine details introduction

This page is about mini marking machine details introduction. There are different type for marking machine. Desktop type, mini type, portable type and then so on.

Mini marking machine is the most popular type. Customer likes using it. Then it’s easy to transport. And also convenient for placing.

Details of mini marking machine

It include laser source. Galvo head. Control system. Laptop. Lifting. Working table. And then f-theta lens.

Optional laser source brand is Raycus, IPG and JIP.

Galvo head we are using Sino brand. It’s most popular type with high speed.

Eacad system is pretty easy to operate. Many of our works with bad English. But they can learn it well just in few hours.

Lap top with Lenvo brand. Famous brand from China.

Standard lifting length is 50mm. For big size material we can do it with 80mm.

2-D working table for this mini type. X and Y axis can be adjust.

Singapore wavelength for F-theta lens.


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