Mopa laser marking machine effect from xt laser-Sara

Mopa laser marking machine effect from xt laser

Mopa laser marking machine effect -introduce of mopa

Do you know what a mopa laser marking machine can do? Many customer don’t know how to choose.

A fiber laser or a mopa laser marking machine.Here to introduce the mopa laser marking effect.

What is the differenc between mopa and fiber laser? Do you know why mopa has more function ?

They have different pulse width and frequency. So you can realize different effect.

For mopa laser it has large range of  adjustable frequency. Also the larger Pulse width of the range. There are 16 kinds of pluse width of M6 mopa laser source.

Each pulse width has a frequency max value. The larger is the pulse width. But the smaller frequency max value.

They are mainly used in the two kinds. Like anodized aluminum marking black. And the stainless steel mark colors.

Mopa laser marking machine effect –Anodized aluminum

So what effect we can mark with mopa?

First, we can mark black with mopa. On anodized aluminum materials. This is one of the main useage of mopa laser.

For anodized aluminum marking. Need to be small pulse width. then will have better effect.

Mopa laser marking machine effect-Stainless steel

Another main use of mopa laser is on ss. Stainless steel can be marked colors with mopa laser.

The effect are very beautiful. Mopa laser M6 can have many colors on ss material. Like blue, red, yellow and white, black , green, etc.

Also can mark white and black on ss. It need about 100ns for ss mark white and black.