MOPA laser marking with rotary:Charry

MOPA laser marking with rotary

MOPA laser marking with rotary

Many customers ask about the Mopa color marking.

Pls regarding as below.

Firstly,Our customer in Canada and the USA want to print colour (blues and reds) Can the  model XTL-FP20 print these colours on stainless?

Yes,for blue and red color marking,its no problem.Its MOPA laser marking machine.

Like the color marking,the parameter is difficult to adjust.

We have the testing record,and will share with you for color marking,do not worry about it.

But if you need blue and red color marking, then not this enclosed model.Cause for this enclosed model,its has the marking limit of the objects size and height.

For fiber laser marking machine,it has the focal length for different lens.The lens is larger,the focal length will be bigger.Like 100*100mm lens,the focal length is 195mm,175*175mm lens, the focal length is 285mm.

For this enclosed model,the total height is just 430mm.And you need the rotary device,your product width is 120mm,so you need about 125mm rotary device,plus the rotary device height and mugs height,the focal length will not enough.

Secondly,The software and driver in English?

Yes,of course,we are overseas department, its English version.

And there will be the English users manual,operation videos,will send you together with the machine.

Thirdly,The voltage is it 220W  or 110V and is it UL approved? 

We make the special 110V to American and Canadian customers.Do not worry,and the plug also will be suitable for your countries.

Fourthly,the rotary to fit into the mugs: the mug width size (opening) is 12cm wide and has a handle on the outside of the mug

So it needs 125mm rotary,i checked with engineers,we can make it for you,but price is a little higher than 100mm,cause need to redesign.

Fifthly, We would like to offer parts repair for our customers,  could you give us an idea what part(s) pricing so that we can repair your lasers in north america.for proper sales and service of your lasers

And we will help you to learn the machine,its easy,like me, just one day.

Finally,if you want more details,just contact us: