Why Mopa machine is expensive-Jary

Why Mopa machine is expensive?

We all know Mopa machine is expensive than normal fiber laser marking machine.

Let me show you what can Mopa laser marking machine do.

First, they can do what the fiber laser laser marking machine can do. Such as, marking black on SS, some deep engraving etc.

Then you may ask why we choose Mopa laser marking machine??

First, super fine engraving.

Mopa laser can mark tiny letter on the products. For example, the back of phone cover.

There is always a word shows which company produce this phone. And Mopa laser  help us to know this.

Second, marking color on SS.

It’s a Mopa highlight. He attracts lots of people eyes because of this. He can mark many color on SS as below,

color marking with Mopa laser marking machine
color marking on ss with Mopa laser marking machine

We should constantly try to adjust the parameter in the software to get the color we want.

If the parameter is not right, the color may deep or light. And it also has associations with the type of SS.

So, if we want the mountain top flower, we need climb it up. If you can control the marking color way, you are gonna be the expert of laser marking.


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