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mopa marking machine application

Nowadays,More and more customers know the Mopa marking machine.And the demand for mopa is more and more.However,Most of us know  we can use mopa to mark color on stainless steel.In fact,we can also use it in other industry field.In order to let customers know more,we introduce more of the mopa marking machine application.

1.Mopa for color marking on stainless steel

Firstly,most of customers choose mopa to mark color on stainless steel.

Note:Mopa can only mark color on stainless steel.we can not use moap to mark color on other metal.Such as silver,brass,gold,etc.

Here is the videos for mopa marking color:

2.Mopa for anodized aluminum

Secondly,If we want to mark black color on anodized aluminum,we need to choose mopa.usual Raycus or IPG can not mark black color on it.

Here is the video:

3.Mopa for pvc card

Thirdly,We also have many customers want to mark on id card,pvc card.

We usually suggest the mopa machine.Use mopa to mark on pvc card,the marking effect is best.

Here is the video:

There is also another situation.If u want to mark on pvc card with an embossed feeling,u can choose Raycus.

Here is the photo

4.Mopa for keyboard

Fourthly,If customers want to mark white color on plastic keyboard,such as dell,etc.The mopa is the best choice,with a better effect than Raycus.

Here is the vidoe:

5.Mopa for plastic abs,pc

Besides,Use mopa to mark on plastic will have a good effect.

Here is the video:

6.Difference between Mopa and Raycus

In order to let you know more about the mopa and Raycus share you the difference:
MOPA laser and Raycus or IPG laser are both 1064nm wavelength laser beam.
1)MOPA laser source is Pulse width (2ns-250ns)  and Pulse frequency (1-1000HZ) .so MOPA laser is more flexible.
2)Raycus laser is Normal Q-Switched laser source.Pulse width and pulse frequency are fixed.can not be changed.
Pulse width 90-130 ns,repetition frequency 30-100 kHz.

When marking on the plastics.such as pvc and keyboard.the mopa effect is more delicate and can not make the black plastic become yellow and gray. That’s why we suggest  mopa marking machine for plastic.

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