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With the development of fiber laser products, the laser cleaner is getting more and more popular. Today, I’d like to share some necessary question about Fiber Laser Cleaner.

8 necessary question about the fiber laser cleaner

1. Pulse duration and rep. rate at average 200W output?

– Pulse duration is the Pulse width. For 200w, normally, the output is 100-150ns。

2. What are Beam shape options? Could you tell me output beam quality?

– For the beam shape, round  & square shape can be choosen.
The beam quality is related with the laser source model.

3. What Power stability you reach in terms of % from average power?

– The average power’s stability will be over than 97%.

4. What are your company Warranty conditions?

– 2 year warrany for the laser source  & whole machine without human factor reason.
(Not include the consumables)

5. What certifications you can provide?

– CE & FDA certificate we can provide.

6. What is max beam diameter and max lining scan you can offer?  How do you solve line beam with lens or gyroscope?

– The max beam diameter is 10mm & we can use the lens to focus the laser beam.

– The laser width from cleaner head is 0.06mm & 0.08mm. It can be optional.
The Line length can be adjusted. The adjustable range is from 10-100mm.

7. Could you share data about connection/ supply requirements?​​​​​​​

– Attached is the User Manul of laser cleaner, just for your reference:

8. Why there is such small operational temperature range? (in your website stated 40-50degC)

– Because the temperature of working environment will has effect on the performance of the internal electronics in the laser source.
Thus it will affect the laser source’s working performance.

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