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New model enclosed fiber laser marking machine

In recent years, more and more suppliers design new model fiber laser marking machine to attract customer.

Some of them are open type and some of them are enclosed type.

For different customer , they have different requirements to the machine.

Some Eurepean customer may prefer the enclosed  type fiber laser marker, some may like the open type.

In these days we designed a new model of fibe laser marking machine with below merits.

1.Learn more about new model fiber laser marking machine

To  make the customer have a better understanding of this type machine, here we introduce it.

First of all, the beautiful appearance.

This type machine is with white&black color, which is the most popular in the market.

fiber laser marking machine

Secondly, the electronic door.

For this type machine we design a button to control the door operation.

When the machine working, the door will close and when the machine finish working, it will open.

This design is convenient and personalized, which could help save much time for customer.

Thirdly, the big size room.

For this fiber laser marking machine, its inner size is big enough.

This model could install the 300*300mm lens without no problem.

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