No.2 What are the influencing factors of the cutting effect?-Ivy

What are the influencing factors of the cutting effect? here sharing with you some factors:

Am mentioned two factors in last blog,this is the link:

Also here sharing with more  influencing factors of the cutting effect:

3.Auxiliary air pressure

During laser cutting, the auxiliary gas can blow away the slag and cool the heat affected zone of laser cutting. Auxiliary include O2, N2, compressed air and other inert gas. Most metal material should use active gas such as O2 as it can oxide the metal surface and improve the cutting efficiency and Fiber Laser Cutting Effect.

When the auxiliary gas pressure is too high, the material surface may appear eddy current, which will weaken the ability of remove the melt. So the cutting lance will become wider and rough. If the air pressure is too low, it can’t blow away all melt slag.

4.Laser power

Laser power have very big influence for the cutting effect. We need select suitable laser power according to material kinds and thickness.  Good thermal conductiivity, high melting point and high reflective materials require a larger laser power.

Additional, with the discharge voltage increases, the laser strength will increase due to input peak power become higher. Then the laser spot diameter will bigger so the cutting lance become wider.

No matter what ways we use on fiber laser cutting machine, the cutting effect will included by many factors. so we need do more test and practice to get the best cutting effect.

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