Nozzles affect fiber laser cutting effect:Charry

Nozzles affect fiber laser cutting effect

Nozzles affect fiber laser cutting effect.

1. Effect of nozzle diameter:

The size of the nozzle opening has a certain influence on the cutting speed, and the size of the nozzle mouth also affects the pressure distribution at the outlet. The diameter of the nozzle is larger, and the heat-affect zone is narrow, due to the strong cooling effect of the jet stream on the base material of the cutting zone, but the slit is too wide, and the nozzle size may cause difficulty in collimation, and the beam maybe damage the nozzle mouth. Moreover, the slit is too narrow, which hinders the smooth discharge of the slag at a high cutting speed.

2. The influence of the distance between the nozzle and the surface of the workpiece:

The nozzle-to-work distance directly affects the coupling of the nozzle airflow to the workpiece slit. The nozzle opening is too close to the surface of the workpiece, which will generate a strong return pressure to the lens, which will weaken the dispersing ability of the material point for splashing and cutting, and have an adverse effect on the cutting quality. However, if the distance is too far, it will cause unnecessary loss of kinetic energy. Effective cutting is also disadvantageous. Generally, the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece is between 1 to 2 mm.

Basic requirements for selecting a laser nozzle

1, the material is good.
Good nozzles must use TU2 copper, because of its high conductivity and good thermal conductivity, which can ensure a good capacitance signal.

2, the processing accuracy is high.
A good laser head nozzle has a concentricity of 0.03 mm, and a nozzle with a size of 1.0 mm or less has a concentricity of 0.02 mm. The high-precision concentric nozzle not only reduces the pre-commissioning during the machining process, but also effectively avoids the high-energy laser from hitting the inner wall of the laser head, thereby avoiding damage to the laser head.

3, to have strict anti-oxidation treatment.
After processing, the copper parts are exposed to the air and are easily oxidized and discolored. After the high-light processing of the laser head nozzle, the inner and outer surfaces are more oxidized, blackened and yellowed.

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