Performance advantages of fiber laser metal cutting machine-Wendy

Performance advantages of fiber laser metal cutting machine-Wendy

This page is about performance advantages of fiber laser machine.

Optical fiber laser cutting machine is a new invention in the international market in recent years.

A new type of cutting machine products, this product whether in cutting speed.

Cutting machine and has absolute advantage in the volume of the machinery.

today we mainly talk about the cutting machine’s main strength performance reflected in which aspects.

First, cutting technology is advanced.

Cutting principle of this new kind of optical fiber laser cutting machine adopts is a high-performance laser cutter.

In the process of laser cutting will emit many high performance.

High energy laser beam, the laser radiation generated by the huge energy and can instantly will cut surface evaporation

So that it can be easily removed very hard interface.
At present, this process also belonged to one of the most advanced cutting technology.

Without any other cutting process can go beyond it.

And the cutting process in the process of cutting speed is very fast.

Can instantly will easily cut very thick steel plate, and the precision of cutting is also very accurate.

Cutting the cross section of precision can reach around a few millimeters.

Can completely meet the demand of some high requirements of cutting.

Second, the cutting performance is very stable.

The laser cutter in cutting process, the use of the world first-class laser is extremely stable.

The service life of the laser head for a few years.

And in the process of using in addition to human factors, almost won’t produce any fault system itself.

So even if the laser cutting machine in the long time work under pressure.

also won’t produce any vibration or other adverse effects.

Third, the mechanical operation process is very convenient.

In the process of optical fiber laser cutting machine.

We use all of the information transmission and energy transmitted through optical fiber to transmit.

Transmitted through this way, the biggest advantage is to save a lot of manpower material resources.

In the process of transmission does not produce any light leakage phenomenon.
And you can easily transfer energy to the laser without making any adjustments to the light path.

Fourth, the machine itself is very small.

The core component of the laser cutter, it is only one.

That is the laser, laser and laser production volume is very small.

Not like other cutting of the same type products occupy a lot of space.

This will reduce the volume of overall mechanical many.

Whether it’s in the process of mechanical production or transportation can reduce a lot of manpower material resources for us.

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