Popular tube and plate fiber laser cutter in market-Angelina

Popular tube and plate fiber laser cutter in market

Tube and plate fiber laser cutter is more and more popular among the metal industry.

This type machine is even more popular than the sheet fiber laser cutter or the tube laser cutter.

So maybe some customers feel confused that why this type machine is popular?

This passage we would like to talk more about this type machine.

Tube and plate fiber laser cutter, as we could see from its name, which could cut both tube and plate.

This type machine is high cost-effective。

It could not only cut the sheet but also the tube, one machine could reach two functions.

That is why so many customers like to choose this one.

For those customer who want to cut both tube and plate, this machine would be a suitable choice.

If the customer want to cut both the tube and plate in amount, then they could consider this one.

fiber laser cutter

Choosing the tube and plate fiber laser cutter could same both money and processing time.

Improving the working efficiency.

For the sheet cutting part, our standard working area is 1500*3000mm, thickness plate welding machine body.

Ans for the tube cutter parts, we have manual and automatic chuck.

The chuck area could reach 20-215mm.

If the customers tube diameter is various, then they could choose this automatic chuck.

It is very convenient, no need changing the chuck all the time.

If the tube diameter is the same, then the manual chuck is good.

For this type chuck, it could clamp even very small size tube with no problem.

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