Precautions in use of fiber laser cutting machine-Juicy

Fiber laser cutting machine in the process of use. Precautions in use of fiber laser cutting machine.

There are many places need to aware of the following is one of the five practical skill to share with you.

Hope you help in the use of optical fiber laser cutting machine.

1) The double focal length laser cutting head is a fragile item on the laser cutting machine

Precautions in use of fiber laser cutting machine,which is used for a long time, causing the laser cutting head to be damaged.

2) check the straightness of the fiber laser cutting machine and the vertical degree of the machine every six months

and find abnormal and timely maintenance and debugging.
If you don’t do this, you’re not going to be able to cut it well.

it’s going to increase, it’s going to affect the quality of the cut.
This is a top priority and must be done.

3) vacuum the dust and dirt in the machine once a week, and all electrical cabinets should be shut down to prevent dust.

4) regularly check the steel belt of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Otherwise, there is a problem in the operation, which can injure people and cause death.
The steel belt seems to be small, the problem is very serious.

5) the guide rail of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Should cleane regularly to remove the dust and other sundries, and ensure that the normal rack of the equipment should  clean regularly.

with lubricating oil to ensure lubrication without sundries.
Guide to regular cleaning and lubricating oil, and the motor is always clean and grease.

machine in March will be better and more accurate cutting.

cutting out the product quality will  improve.

The above five-point technique is a little bit of a summary of the actual usage, and it is highly maneuverable.
Of course, there is a certain difference between the skill and the actual situation.

and the practical situation  should take into consideration when using it.

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