Punching machine fiber laser cutting machine compare-Sara


Fiber laser cutting machine are more and more popular . Nowdays, more and more customer .From Punching machine Change  to Fiber laser cutting machine.

For the thin metal like galvanized sheet, SS within 4mm. Many customer choose a cheap punching  machine. Because fiber laser is more expensive.

Punching machine fiber laser cutting machine compare:

  1.  Punching machine fiber laser cutting machine compare. Compared with CNC punch. Fiber laser cutting machine  Can complete a variety of complex structures.

As long as any image can be draw on the computer. The machine can finish the processing. According to our experience.  Punching machine mould is expensive.

But for fiber laser cutting machine. No need to open the mold, the figure can finish on the computer.  The product can be cut out immediately.

Not only quickly develop new products. But also cost savings, complex process requirements. CNC punch difficult to achieve, but fiber laser cutting machine can do it

2.    In addition, For CNC punching machine.  If cut whole plate, the result is not very good. It need arrange worker to polish again.

But fiber laser cutting machine cutting the surface is very smooth.  CNC punching machine is difficult to achieve.

3.    But fiber laser cannot cut semi-hole(not cut whole hole off) but punching machine can cut semi-hole.

Just like fish scale. And punching machine punch very small hole, speed also is faster than fiber laser.


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