QR code Laser marking machine-Jill

QR code Laser marking machine-Application of marking machine

1.Development of QR code

Remember  the QR code prize-winning event?Nowadays, we rarely “scrape” on food and drinkings, but it  becomes “sweeping”. Although there is less fun of scratching, it opens the door to the new world.

Such as some food brand ,Red  bull.Through the activity ,giving each item a unique QR code. Each small QR code can combine multiple functions.We can also integrate the QR code ,mark big data engine system .

For example, Red Bull, launched one  activity.Tthe activity information can be transmitted online through the QR code.The user pays attention to “Red Bull Micro Service” .They understand the detailed information, query the redemption place.They expand the interactive game through the mobile QR code.And then participate in. We can also launch the activity by sharing WeChat.

In addition, there are dozens of QR code functions .Ssuch as security code, anti-tamper code, logistics code,  check-in code, advertisement code,  etc., So that all precision customers become a fan of brand owners.

2.QR code Laser marking machine

The small QR code opens a new door for corporate marketing activities, and integrates the O2O model deeper into users. Such objects do not use the cutting machine, but are inseparable from the new laser coding technology,QR code Laser marking machine. The laser printer is praised by customers as the “flying series” because of its “flying” marking speed.

Here share the video for marking QR code.

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Non-contact high-quality laser assignment for fast-moving products, clearly mark eye-catching and permanently non-erasable. we use this series of laser printers in food and beverage products, as well as non-toxic, non-polluting, precise and flexible, and we can  easily marke in any part of the beverage packaging.


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