Raytools brand(BT110) laser cutting head of fiber laser cutting machine 2-Max

Here is the Introduction of Raytools brand laser cutting head of fiber laser cutting machine.

As laser technology develops rapidly,  fiber laser cutting machine has occupied the metal processing market.  Today we analyse the laser head of fiber laser cutting machine. Comparing to the laser source, laser head is the second important part of the laser cutting machine. Raytools brand laser cutting head has become the most popular one in the current China market.

Now let us introduce the laser cutting head models one by one. Hope it could help you some on your choice of fiber laser cutting machine.

  1. Introduction of RAYTOOLS BT110

The BM110 series is a self-focusing optical fiber cutting head introduced by RAYTOOLS AG in Switzerland in 2016. The built-in drive unit of the external motor of the product can automatically adjust the position within 22mm by the linear mechanism driving focusing lens. The user can set the continuous focusing through the program to complete the rapid punching of the thick plate and automatically cut the plates of different thicknesses and materials. The product can be equipped with D30 composite lens group to integrate the beam.  Wide range of interface settings make it work with a variety of fiber lasers; optimize the optical design, water-cooled design allows the laser head can be sustained at high power for a long time jobs.






























2. product features of laser cutting head

a. Optimized optical configuration and smooth and efficient airflow design.
b. Auto-focus range + 10 ~ -12mm. And accuracy is 0.05mm;
c. It can be used with D30 composite lens. And the maximum optical input power can be 3KW;
d. Maximum acceleration of Focus lens drive is 10m / s2 and the maximum speed is 10m / min;
e. The use of drawer-type lens holder makes fast and easy to replace protection lens;
f.  Collimation and focusing can be used with composite lenses for optimal optical quality and cutting results;
g. With QBH, QD, LLK-D and other optical interfaces, it can apply for a variety of fiber lasers.

This auto focus laser head(BT110) is good for thick and various thickness materials cutting.

 3. Technical Parameters of laser Cutting head

Power level: ≤ 3KW
Clear aperture: 28mm
Protective mirror Specifications: φ27.9mm * 4.1mm
Auto-focus range: +10 ~ -12mm
Auxiliary gas pressure: ≤ 25bar
Weight: ~ 4.0kg

4. Cutting video:



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