Rotary device of the fiber laser marking system-Angelina

Rotary device of the fiber laser marking system

Fiber laser marking system is popular in the jewelry and metal industry in recent years.

Many customers from jewelry industry ask for the fiber laser marking system.

Moat of them would like to mark some special pictures on the ring,necklace as well as bracelet.

However, for this small things, it would be difficult to mark.

Then we design a special equipment for this jewelry marking-Rotary device.

This passage mainly gives some information about the rotary device on the fiber laser marking system.

1.Different size of rotary on fiber laser marking system

In fact ,we use the EZCAD software to control the moving of the rotary device.

There is no exclusive button controlling it, so it is convenient very much!

For this rotary device , there are normal three sizes: 50mm, 80mm  and the 100mm.

The 50mm is used for the jewelry industry.

Cause the ring is small in size and some customers would like to mark the inside place of the ring.

Then we introduce the 50mm rotary for them.

fiber laser marking machine

This rotary is manual type, there is a tools to adjust the size.

It is convenient very much!

Besides the jewelry industry, we also meet with the customers asking for the cup marking.

For the cup, the 80mm rotary device is enough.

fiber laser marking system


Besides the two types, we also have bigger size: 100mm.

This type suits some more bigger size products.

For all of these size rotary device, the price is the same.


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